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The Correct Use Of The Jack Nov 15, 2019

1. When the jack jacks up the vehicle, the engine must never be started, because the vibration of the engine or the rotation of the wheel will cause the vehicle to slip from the jack and cause danger.

2, in order to ensure safety, the car generally has a fixed position when using the jack, and can not be supported by the bumper, beam and other parts.

3. Maintenance personnel must not work under unsupported vehicle vehicles. There should be no people on the vehicle when changing the wheels, because their movement may cause the vehicle to slip off the jack.

4. If there is no jack when changing tires, different emergency measures can be taken according to the position of the tires to be replaced.

5. When replacing the outer tires of the two wheels, the inner wheel of the car can be stopped on the wooden block or stone with the appropriate height to make the outer tires vacant and replace. Pay attention to tightening the hand brake and plugging the front wheel.

6. When replacing the front tire or the inner inner tire, use the stone or brick to stabilize the front axle and rear axle of the vehicle, and dig the pit under the tire to be removed, so that the tire can be replaced by the suspension.

7. The support strip on the jack arm should be inserted into the groove of the fixed support point to remain fixed.

8. When using the jack, it should be placed in the designated support position under the car, otherwise it will easily damage the vehicle and even cause injury.

9. When the rocker arm is turned up to support the car, the support bar on the support arm cannot always slip out of the support point.

10. Turn the rocker arm until the foot of the jack is on the ground. At this time, ensure that the top foot supports the ground and the ground must be hard. If the ground is found to be soft, it should be padded with a large area or flat hard object. .

11. Pay attention to safety balance when the jack is used up.