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The Low Noise Era Of Geared Motors Has Arrived Nov 07, 2019

Noise, whether it is for the human body, equipment, or building structure, can cause great harm. The arrival of the era of low noise reducers will end all of this. Noise can affect people's sleep, affecting their physiological functions, causing hearing loss and affecting other people's systems. The general noise has little effect on the building, but when the noise level exceeds 140dB, it will have a destructive effect on the light building. For example, when a supersonic aircraft passes through a low altitude, a sudden change in pressure and density occurs at the head and tail of the aircraft. After the ground reflection, an N-shaped shock wave is formed. When it is transmitted to the ground, it sounds like an explosion. This special noise is called a bang. . Under the influence of the bang, the building will be damaged to varying degrees, such as door and window damage, broken glass, cracked walls, plastering, and collapse of the chimney. Because the sound attenuation is slower, the propagation is farther and the range of influence is wider. In addition, the use of air hammers, piling or blasting near buildings can also cause damage to buildings.