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The Reason Of The Noise Of The Reducer Gear Oct 17, 2019

Noise suppression is a problem that troubles the reducer gear. So what factors of the reducer gear will affect the size of its noise? Today we are going to look at the factors that affect the noise of the gear reducer.

First, design. The greater the bending strength, displacement coefficient and meshing coefficient, the lower the noise.

Second, job stability. The so-called smoothness of the work can be understood as the smoothness of the work. The smoother the work, the fewer the number of collisions between metals and the lower the noise of the gear reducer.

Third, the centrifugal force of the gear reducer. The centrifugal force of gear reducer has different sizes according to different environments. If the centrifugal force under various deceleration effects cannot be dealt with, a lot of noise will be generated. Therefore, how to balance various centrifugal forces is also a very important topic.