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The Structure Of Chain Wheel Design Apr 01, 2020

The structure of chain wheel design

1. The sprocket tooth profile sprocket tooth profile must ensure that the chain energy saving mesh smooth entry and exit freely, minimize the impact of the meshing of link and contact stress, and is easy to be processed.

Commonly used chain end tooth shape as shown in figure 1. It consists of three sections of circular arc aa, ab, CDS and a straight line BC, referred to as "three arc - straight tooth. Sprocket tooth profile using a standard cutting tool processing, work in don't have to draw end tooth shape on the graph, only need to indicate on the diagram "tooth profile according to provisions of 3 rgb1244-85", but should draw the axial plane of sprocket tooth, as shown in figure 2, the size refer to the design manual. Had mentioned parameter calculation in front, do not repeat narrative!

2. The chain structure

For four kinds of commonly used chain structure. Small diameter chain made of monolithic (FIG. 3 a), medium diameter of sprocket to make radial plate more, for ease of handling, loading and weight loss, on the radial plate hole (figure 3 b), large diameter sprocket can be made into modular (FIG. 3 d), the ring gear and the wheel core can use different materials to make! The C45, for example, the material such as stainless steel.

3. The sprocket materials

Sprocket should guarantee the tooth have enough strength and abrasion resistance, so the sprocket tooth surface is generally after heat treatment, to a certain hardness.