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Types Of Car Jacks Dec 05, 2019

The types of automobile jacks can be divided into four types: rack jacks, screw jacks, hydraulic jacks, and inflatable jacks.

One type of automobile jack: rack jack; it consists of rack, gear, and handle, which rely on shaking the handle to make the rack rise and fall; this is also a type of automobile jack common to ordinary cars. It's small and easy to store. But also because of this, the weight of its support cannot be too large.

Types of automobile jacks 2: hydraulic jacks; hydraulic jacks are divided into general hydraulic jacks and special hydraulic jacks. Its working principle is more complicated, so I won't go into details here. The advantages of its use are fast lifting speed and larger load capacity than rack jacks. But again, such a powerful jack is definitely not portable, so this is not a common type of car jack;

Types of automobile jacks 3: screw jacks; screw jacks rely on threaded self-locking to support heavy objects. The structure is not complicated, but its support weight is large. However, the work efficiency of this kind of screw jack is slow, it rises slowly, and it falls quickly.

Four types of car jacks: inflatable jacks; this kind of jack may be a bit strange to everyone, because the type of car jack is not common. It relies on vehicle exhaust to inflate it, so the conditions of use are relatively special and little known.