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Use And Maintenance Of Gear Reducer May 27, 2020

Use and maintenance of gear reducer. 


Precautions before installation: 


The installation shaft should be cleaned before use. 

And check whether there are any bruises and dirt on the installation shaft, and if so, all should be cleaned up. 

2. The service temperature of the reducer is 0-40 ℃. 

3. Check whether the fit size of the hole (or shaft) connected to the reducer meets the requirements, and the tolerance of the hole should be H7 (the tolerance of the shaft is H6). 

4. Replace the blockage at the highest position with the exhaust plug before use to ensure that the gas from the body is discharged during the operation of the reducer. 


Installation of reducer. 


The reducer can only be installed on a flat, shock-absorbing, torsional supporting structure. 


Under no circumstances are allowed to hammer pulleys, couplings, pinions or sprockets into the output shaft, which will damage the bearing and shaft. 


Use and maintenance. 


After the reducer is installed, check whether it is flexible or not. 

Formal use must be carried out no-load test, in the normal operation, in the step-by-step loading operation. 

2. The use of the reducer in excess of the rated load is strictly prohibited. 


The reducer should check whether the oil level is normal before use and work. The machine has been filled with lubricating oil before leaving the factory. Lubricating oil name: medium load industrial gear oil GB5903-86220. 


Oil change system: 

The lubricating oil should be changed after the first oil change after running for 300 hours and 400 hours, and then every 1500 to 2000 hours. 

In the working environment with bad working environment, high temperature and heavy dust, the lubricating oil should be inspected every half a month. when it is found that there is dirt in the lubricating oil, the lubricating oil should be replaced in order to keep the lubricating oil clean, prolong the service life of the reducer and improve the economic benefit. 

Five. change of oil. 

When changing oil, you should wait for the reducer to cool down and there is no danger of combustion, but you should still keep it warm, because after complete cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases and it is difficult to discharge the oil. 

(note: to cut off the power supply of the transmission to prevent inadvertently electrification!)