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What Are The Sprocket Designs That Need Attention? Nov 12, 2019

Chain drive speed (corresponding to the transmission ratio of the sprocket), the tension or lifting force of the chain (corresponding to the weight of the workpiece, the number of chain rows), the tightening method (corresponding to the length of the chain), the protective cover (safety during protection work), Installation and disassembly (whether it is convenient for customer to repair or replace)


(1) In the chain drive, the larger the pitch P, the larger the size, weight and carrying capacity of the chain, but the larger the chain pitch p, the more obvious the polygonal effect of the chain, and the more impact, vibration and noise generated. Big.

(2) The number of small sprocket teeth affects the stability and service life of the chain drive. The smaller the number of small sprocket teeth, the greater the unevenness of the moving speed and the load; the small sprocket teeth are too large, the contour size and weight increase, and the jump teeth and the unchaining are easy to occur. In addition, the chain speed affects the smoothness and longevity of the drive. The higher the chain speed, the more obvious the polygon effect and the larger the corresponding dynamic load.