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What Are The Ways To Gear Machining Nov 07, 2019

One method of gear machining is the forming method, which is a method of cutting out the tooth shape by using a forming cutter that completely conforms to the shape of the cut groove, such as milling teeth; and the other is a forming method, which uses a cutter and a driven gear. Machining methods that cut out the tooth shape by intermeshing motion, such as hobbing and gear shaping (exemplified by a hob and a knife). The method of machining a gear using a milling machine is described below. Cylindrical spur gears can be machined on a horizontal milling machine with a disc cutter or a vertical milling machine with a finger cutter. Now, a cylindrical spur gear with z=16 (ie, the number of teeth is 16) and m=2 (ie, the modulus is 2) is added to the horizontal milling machine as an example to introduce the milling process of the gear. 1. Check the size of the tooth blank. Check the diameter of the tip circle. It is convenient to increase or decrease the diameter of the actual tooth tip when adjusting the cutting depth to ensure the correctness of the indexing tooth thickness.