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What Gears Are Used In Motorcycle Gearboxes Nov 27, 2019

Constant mesh transmission:

In a constant-mesh gearbox, the gear jaws are all arranged on a file, but the order is chaotic. So, for example, the first gear is at the far end after the sixth and third gears, and so on. The reason behind this is to make the transmission system easily accessible to the gear teeth on that particular gear. If we look at the actual transmission mechanism, we will find that the gear is connected to a patterned cylinder connected to the shift lever. Therefore, when a gear is shifted, the patterned cylinder will move, thereby shifting the gear shifter and cogging the gear into a transmission system with a control function. In this way, the gear is engaged and disengaged according to a given input. But in reality, all gears are moving and not as stationary as in a car.

Claw transmission:

In a claw gearbox, the gear teeth are all free to move and are not interconnected in any way. When shifting gears, the electric countershaft moves the freely rotating claws to move the cogs and inserts them into the ideal gear to power the rear wheels. The main problem here is that because the gears are not connected to each other, unlike a constant mesh gearbox, if the gears are not working and not moving, they will be in a static position. Claw Shifted Gearbox has the advantage here that because the gears do not move, there is almost no friction when the gears are inserted. As a result, the shifts are smooth, accurate and without slipping.