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What Is A Gearbox Apr 11, 2020

The gearbox is a very important component on the vehicle. It can change the transmission ratio and expand the role of the drive wheel torque and speed. With the development of modern technology, the gearbox has also been upgraded. From the initial manual gearbox to the current stepless gearbox, from the synchronizer to the synchronizer, the control is more and more convenient. At present, diesel engines are widely used in construction machinery, and their torque and speed change ranges are small, which cannot meet the requirements of vehicles for traction and driving speed under various working conditions. A gearbox is needed to solve this contradiction. The performance of the gearbox is the key to measuring the power, economy and drivability of construction machinery. The current variable speed system mainly includes: mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission, hydrostatic transmission. The gearbox has manual shift and power shift, and the structure has fixed shaft type and planetary type.