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What Is The Composition Of The Transmission May 08, 2020

What is the composition of the transmission?

The transmission is composed of a variable speed transmission mechanism and a control mechanism, and some cars also have a power output mechanism. Most transmission mechanisms are driven by ordinary gears, and some are driven by planetary gears. Ordinary gear transmission speed change mechanisms generally use slip gears and synchronizers.

The mechanical gearbox mainly uses the principle of speed reduction of gear transmission. Simply put, there are multiple sets of gear pairs with different transmission ratios in the gearbox, and the shifting behavior of the car while driving is to make the different gear pairs in the gearbox work through the control mechanism. For example, at low speeds, let the gear pair with a large transmission ratio work, and at high speed, let the gear pair with a small transmission ratio work.

The automatic transmission uses an automatically operated transmission, and the selection of the gear ratio and the shifting are performed automatically. The driver only needs to manipulate the accelerator pedal, and the transmission can control the actuator according to the engine load signal and the vehicle speed signal to realize the gear shift.