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What Is The Specific Role Of Car Transmission Mar 07, 2020

What is the specific role of car transmission?

The engine's output speed is very high, the maximum power and maximum torque in a certain speed zone. To get the best out of the engine, it is necessary to have a gearbox that coordinates the speed of the engine with the actual speed of the wheels.

Automobile transmission has such a few functions

(1) change the transmission ratio, expand the range of torque and speed of the driving wheel, in order to adapt to the constantly changing driving conditions, and make the engine in a favorable (higher power and lower fuel consumption) working conditions;

In the engine rotation direction is unchanged, so that the car can go backwards;

The use of neutral, interrupt power transmission, to the engine can start, idle, and facilitate transmission shift or power output.

Transmission is composed of variable speed transmission mechanism and control mechanism, when needed, can also be installed power output. There are two kinds of classification: by the transmission ratio change mode and by the different handling mode.