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What Should I Pay Attention To When Selecting And Using The Conveyor Chain? Jun 26, 2019

The conveyor chain is an indispensable part of mechanical equipment. It is related to the daily production efficiency and work quality of the equipment. The lubrication of the chain is also very important, but we can't blindly apply all the lubricating oil to the lubrication. On the chain, we need to lubricate the chain according to the external conditions and occasions. When the chain and the chain work together, we require the lubricating oil to be pure and free of impurities, otherwise the lubricating oil will cause particulate impurities or corrosion on the surface of the chain. The situation, causing unnecessary troubles for the normal work of the chain, makes it unable to work properly, thus reducing the efficiency of the equipment, so we must pay attention to this in the usual maintenance of the chain.

In addition, we should pay attention to the correct use of the chain during daily work, otherwise it will increase the burden and wear of the chain.