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Where Is The Jack Placed In The Car Nov 15, 2019

Generally, there will be a prominent long side on the bottom edge of the vehicle. There will be several thickened positions on this long side, which is reserved for the jack. Remember to use the jack to support the bumper, beam and other parts.

It is very important to fix the car completely and then support the car. If the vehicle is not completely fixed before the car, it may be caused by the sliding of the car during the support process. I will see the car from the jack. When it falls, the good result is that the tool is broken, and the bad result is damage to the car or even the personnel.

The correct operation method of using the jack is: First, the manual gear type pulls up the handbrake and simultaneously hoist the gearbox into the first gear or the reverse gear (do not forget when starting again); secondly, the automatic gear type must also pull up the handbrake and the gearbox Hang up to the P position; finally, put the jack under the car for lifting.

Because the jack of a family car often supports a single wheel, if it is parked on a sloped ground, the relative position of the jack and the body may change angularly when it is raised. This angle changes on a slope with a large angle. It will be bigger and easy to slip or damage. If the fault location is just on the slope, it is recommended to use a brick or wood tool to hold the wheel to prevent them from slipping. Moreover, it is recommended to use a wooden board or a slate pad under the jack to reduce the pressure before using the jack to prevent the jack from sinking into the soft ground.