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Why Does The Worm Gear Reducer Shaft Heat Up May 27, 2020

Why does the worm gear reducer shaft heat up? 

When the worm gear reducer is working normally, the bearing will not produce a lot of heat. If it is found that a large amount of heat is generated in the bearing, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of the worm gear reducer and detect the causes of bearing heating. And do a good job in the relevant treatment measures to avoid serious consequences. 

The factors that lead to the fever of worm gear and worm reducer are as follows: 

The temperature of hot air entering the mill is high or the hot air is not stopped when the water stops. 

Insufficient cooling, clogged water pipes or insufficient water pressure; 

Poor contact and incorrect installation; 

The quality of cooling water is not up to the requirements, and there are many residues and impurities. 

The insulated asbestos rope that protects the hollow shaft falls off. 

If an anomaly is found in the use of the worm gear reducer, it should be dealt with in time, and do not wait until it cannot be used before solving the problem.