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Working Principle Of Gearbox Apr 11, 2020

The manual gearbox is mainly composed of gears and shafts, and the variable torque is produced by different gear combinations; while the automatic gearbox AT is composed of a hydraulic torque converter, planetary gears and a hydraulic control system, through hydraulic transmission and gear combination To achieve variable torque.

Among them, the hydraulic torque converter is the most characteristic part of AT. It is composed of pump wheels, turbines, and guide wheels. It directly inputs engine power to transmit torque and clutches. The pump wheel and turbine are a pair of working combinations. They are like two fans placed oppositely. The wind blown by one active fan will cause the blades of the other passive fan to rotate. The flowing air-the wind becomes the medium for kinetic energy transmission .

If liquid is used instead of air to become a medium for transmitting kinetic energy, the pump wheel will drive the turbine to rotate through the liquid, and then a guide wheel is added between the pump wheel and the turbine to improve the liquid transmission efficiency. The torque conversion range of the automatic torque converter is not large enough and the efficiency is low.