P100F127-G4 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

P100F127-G4 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain


Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain is a type of conveyor chain that is used to vertically transport a variety of materials. It is commonly used in industries such as agriculture, food processing, chemical manufacturing, construction, and more.

P100F127-G4 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

Working Principle

  1. Loading stage: Materials are filled into the buckets of the Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain in the bottom feed area through gravity, vibration, or other auxiliary devices.
  2. Vertical lifting stage: When the driving device starts, the conveying chain begins to circulate and lifts the connected buckets vertically or near vertically.
  3. Flipping and unloading stage: The head of the bucket elevator conveyor chain is usually equipped with a special structure called a "discharge port" or "flipper". When the bucket filled with materials reaches the top, it is guided and flipped by a specific design to dump the materials.
  4. Continuous cycle operation: After unloading the materials, the empty bucket continues to run down with the chain to the bottom and re-enters the feed area for the next loading cycle.

Working Principle of Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain


  1. Agriculture: Used for vertical lifting and transporting of grains such as wheat, corn, and rice in grain processing industries.
  2. Grain storage: Used for lifting bulk grains from low to high storage tanks or warehouses in large grain silos.
  3. Chemical manufacturing: Used for vertically conveying powder and granular chemical raw materials.
  4. Construction: Used for continuous and efficient lifting and transporting of materials such as sand, stone, and cement in cement plants and gravel yards.
  5. Food processing: Used for lifting and transporting various powder and granular food raw materials or products in places such as flour mills and feed mills.

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