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  • Planetary Reduction-1

    Planetary Reduction-1

    Planetary-gear transmissions are compact speed reductions which use parallel-load paths to transmit high power. The range of possible reduction ratios is bounded from below and above by limits on the relative size of the planet gears. For a single-plane planetary...

  • Planetary Reducer Gearbox

    Planetary Reducer Gearbox

    Key Specifications/Special Features: Small Planetary Reducer Gearbox Motor with 8mm Diameter Metal powder metallurgy Gears Specifications: Rated voltage: 4.2V DC Rotation direction: CW/CCW Reduction ratio: 369/1 Operating temperature range: -10-50°C Storage temperature range:...

  • Planetary Gear

    Planetary Gear

    XLT planetary gears provide you with all the freedoms and options, because we can offer the right solution for any application, no matter how specialized it is. The G-series includes the high-end gearbox lines GSD (flange gear), GSB (inline) and GSBL (angle gear) as...

  • Planet Pinion

    Planet Pinion

    Product Description 47RH 47RE 6 Pinion Rear Planetary This brand new 6 pinion planet is a must upgrade for all older transmissions. All 47RH and 47RE models had a 4 pinion rear planetary gear installed from the factory. These planets are known to wear and fail under high...

  • Epicyclic Reduction Gear

    Epicyclic Reduction Gear

    XLT Epicyclic Modules are available in ratios of 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1. Their unique design allows the units to be stacked together providing higher ratios. It is ideal for heavier duty, or long-life, torque amplification, and speed reduction applications; the units have...

  • Planetary Ring Gear

    Planetary Ring Gear

    Planetary Ring Gears We stock the quality XLT gears that meet the needs of a range of commercial, industrial and military applications, both off-highway and on-highway. Our Gears inventory features the ring and pinion product line from XLT. They are vital parts...

  • Planetary Gear Set

    Planetary Gear Set

    Benefit: Cost Saving, Increased Component Complexity Main Forming Process: Conventional Processing End Use Sector: Automotive Material: Ferrous Description Used in automatic latch system for hatch doors in minivans. Capstan manufactures seven P/M parts and assembles the...

  • Planetary Winch Drive

    Planetary Winch Drive

    XLT offers wide range of Planetary Winch Drives which are Highly standard modular designed, Better in quality, Cost effective, Energy efficient, Low Noise, Long service life, Large Radial Loading ability. We provide Winch with planetary gearboxes to our customers....

  • Planetary Wheel Drive

    Planetary Wheel Drive

    Planetary gear drives (epicyclic gears) are the favoured choice for applications requiring a compact gear solution that is capable of maintaining optimal high torque outputs. We stock a comprehensive range of world renowned XLT products; prestigiously designed to...

  • Planetary Track Drive

    Planetary Track Drive

    Planetary Gear Drive Drive type: speed reducer Output torque: 33,895 Nm (25,000 lb-ft) Max input speed: 2800 rpm Features Variety of input options Straight in for an on centerline adaptation giving a symmetrical clearance around the hydraulic motor input Offset straight in...

  • Inline Planetary Gear Reducer

    Inline Planetary Gear Reducer

    In-Line Planetary Gear Reducer XLT offers a high value economy in-line Planetary Gearbox. Don't let our low prices fool you - these are high quality Planetary Gearboxes, designed to offer you the precision and performance you need at the prices you can afford....

  • Nema 34 Planetary Gearbox

    Nema 34 Planetary Gearbox

    Planetary Gearbox with NEMA34 Motor 80mm size inline planetary reducer for NEMA34 (flange 86mm) or NEMA42 stepper motor. Precision less than 18 Arcmin. High torque, compact size and competitive price. The 16mm shaft diameter ensures stability in applications with belt...

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