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  • Worm Gear Box Assembly

    Worm Gear Box Assembly

    Our XLT series miniature worm gear box assembly may be small, but it's tough enough to handle demanding power transfer applications. Constructed with machined aluminum housings and hardened steel input and output gears, they’ll deliver many years of reliable...

  • Worm Gear Winch

    Worm Gear Winch

    WORM GEAR SERIES The worm gear hand winch is known for it’s robust construction. The winch can be used as lifting winch and pulling winch. The hand winches are equipped with a load pressure brake. This brake holds the load at any required height during hoisting and lowering...

  • Greenhouse Curtain Motor

    Greenhouse Curtain Motor

    Noiseless and high safety Variety of open & shut limit distance Simple travel distance control and reduced size Easy to install and A/S

  • Greenhouse Electric Roll Up Motor

    Greenhouse Electric Roll Up Motor

    The Greenhouse Film Electric Roll-Up Unit replacing traditional manual roll-up unit to reach high speed automation in revolving & releasing films and greenhouse environment, it is the new generation of greenhouse ventilation and temperature regulation facilities. Portability,...

  • Manual Roll Up For Greenhouse

    Manual Roll Up For Greenhouse

    manual roll up for greenhouse is a Manual Side Wall Lift Crank used to roll up the sides of greenhouses and other outside enclosures that use a poly film side to provide ventilation and access while closing with ease. The lift crank connects to the sidewall with 3/4" conduit...

  • Automatic Roll Up Sides Greenhouse

    Automatic Roll Up Sides Greenhouse

    ​The electric film roll up motor is one of main products in our company. It used for film greenhouse for ventilation and cooling equipment. It is a good helper to realize the automatic control of the greenhouse film fast roll.

  • Greenhouse Roll Up Side Motor

    Greenhouse Roll Up Side Motor

    Greenhouse Electric Roll Up System spare part (also called climbing deice), A whole electric roll up system consists of electric roller, power adapter and climbing device, which could effectively roll up the side film in greenhouse.

  • Gear Motor For Greenhouse

    Gear Motor For Greenhouse

    Portability, output torque, output lock, wide range and precise adjustment, waterproof, dew-proof and power-saving are the key characteristics for Electric Roll-Up Unit, which is the best choice for modern daylight greenhouse applied in different climates.

  • Gearbox For Greenhouse

    Gearbox For Greenhouse

    Agriculture Greenhouse Motor Gearboxes for Greenhouse Ventilation with mounted frequency controllers are maintenance-free, compact drive units for operating indirect ventilation systems in greenhouses. These motor gearboxes enable a system to be driven at both "low" (normal)...

  • Worm Drive

    Worm Drive

    XLT eccentric worm-drive pumps are suitable for pumping thin to high-viscosity fluids. The displacement pumps work with low turbulence at a constant pressure and provide for a gentle and pulsation-free operation. Whereas the series 550 pumps are used in the industrial...

  • Greenhouse Gear Reducer

    Greenhouse Gear Reducer

    Rated voltage: 12V Reduction ratios: 1/270 Direction of rotation: CW No load speed: 10.8 ±10%rpm No load current: 0.035A (max 0.43A) Rated torque: Rated speed: 9.3 ±10%rpm Rated current 0.068A (max 2.4A)

  • Worm Motor

    Worm Motor

    XLT gear motors are economical, right-angle, worm-geared motors that install easily in the tightest applications. Economical right angle worm geared motors set new standards for reliability, efficiency and economy with unparalleled features including hollow shafts in...