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  • Udl Speed Variator

    Udl Speed Variator

    1. Adjustable speed span can be accurate to 0.5~1 r/min 2. Can be combined with other types of gearboxes (Such as R Series, K Series, F Series, S Series, RV Series, WB Series cycloid reducers) 3. Compact structure 4. Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation

  • Worm Gear Jack

    Worm Gear Jack

    Large projects can be realized at short notice thanks to the use of preassembled modules. These modules can be customized to your application's specifications. Above all, the heart of every MULI and JUMBO screw jack is a precision trapezoidal or ball screw drive of superb...

  • Worm Screw Jack

    Worm Screw Jack

    1. Suitable for heavy load, low speed and low frequency; 2. Main components: precision trapezoid screw pair and high precision worm gear pair; 3. Compact design, small volume, light weight, wide drive sources, low noise, easy operation, convenient maintenance. 4. The...

  • Worm Gear Screw Jack

    Worm Gear Screw Jack

    Compared with fast speed hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic cylinder, JT-20T acme screw jack is of easy installation, small sizes, easy operation and maintenance, precisely lifting, self-locking, synchronous speed, environmental protection, multiple units arrangements.​

  • Gear Rack For Elevator

    Gear Rack For Elevator

    This is important in all kinds of mechanical transmission parts, tooth surface contact stress and friction under during operation, tooth root bending stress are, sometimes to withstand impact.So the gear has good comprehensive mechanical properties, generally choose forged...

  • Automatic Window Opening System Gear Rack

    Automatic Window Opening System Gear Rack

    The pinion involves mainly one gear, one galvanized sheet house, and two copper alloy bearing. Its gear is made from the technology of powder metallurgy, and is quenched. The gear has hard surface, and is strong. The gear is located in a galvanized sheet house, and is...

  • Gear Rack For Window Opener

    Gear Rack For Window Opener

    We are profesional Electric Window Opener Gear Racks, Electric Window Opener racks, Electric Window Opener rack gear factory from china, As per the material, we could supply in Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, HarMild Steel, Alloy Steel, Hardened and Tempered Steels, Case carburised,...

  • Gear Rack For Rack Actuator

    Gear Rack For Rack Actuator

    Units may be purchased assembled for quick installation, or as individual components for custom designs. V slides and flat tracks come in two grades; commercial for lower cost, or precision ground for higher accuracy applications. Gear racks can be added to single edge V...

  • Gear Rack For Railway Axle

    Gear Rack For Railway Axle

    Conventional railroads use the friction of wheels upon the rails, called "adhesion," to provide locomotive power. A cog, or rack, railroad uses a gear, or cog wheel, to mesh into a special center rack rail to climb much steeper grades than those possible with a standard...

  • Gear Rack For Automobile

    Gear Rack For Automobile

    A rack and pinion mechanism is used to transform rotary motion into linear motion and vice versa. A round spur gear, the pinion, meshes with a spur gear which has teeth set in a straight line, the rack. Rack and pinion gears are used to convert rotation into linear motion. A...

  • Ring Gear

    Ring Gear

    manufactures tight tolerance precision ring gears to your specifications. We have created custom ring gears for both OEM and aftermarket applications, and can produce the most complex ring gear designs. We work to your specifications and all critical contact surfaces are held...

  • Spur Gear

    Spur Gear

    Spur gears are a type of cylindrical gear, with shafts that are parallel and coplanar, and teeth that are straight and oriented parallel to the shafts. They’re arguably the simplest and most common type of gear - easy to manufacture and suitable for an array of applications....