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  • Round Link Sprockets

    Round Link Sprockets

    The sprockets are often delivered in a separable design, the advantage is that the segments can be replaced without having to first remove the chain or dismount the shaft. Sprockets are supplied without teeth to be reversing wheels. Also, sprocket wheels can be provided as a...

  • Drive Sprocket For DETACHABLE CHAIN

    Drive Sprocket For DETACHABLE CHAIN

    Detachable Chain Sprockets are manufactured with the highest integrity. You will realize value, as these sprockets are flame-cut and machined with the highest precision available on the market.

  • Fabricated Steel Sprockets

    Fabricated Steel Sprockets

    Sprockets are fabricated from high carbon steel and are available in Solid, Split, Removable Rim or Split Removable Rim. All surfaces that contact the chain are hardened.

  • Metric Sprockets

    Metric Sprockets

    Since 1992 hzpt is a major player in the production and distribution of power transmission components. Sprockets and platewheels represent the core of this business. has passed all tests laid down by ISO 9001 and all the products are according to din regulations, such as DIN...

  • Ball Bearings Sprocket

    Ball Bearings Sprocket

    For use on series 50 chain, 5/8" pitch provides flexible mounting options Idler sprocket with ball bearings offer reduced friction for longer sprocket life and less drag on the system Can be used to change direction of chain motion or to adjust chain tension Varying...

  • Worm & Worm Wheel

    Worm & Worm Wheel

    worms and worm gears provide an effective answer for power transmission applications requiring high-ratio speed reduction in a limited space using right angle (90°), non-intersecting shafts. When properly applied, worms and worm gears provide the smoothest, quietest form of...

  • Worm And Wheel Gear

    Worm And Wheel Gear

    725 Series Gearbox : Application: Final Drive Wheel boxes for all electric drive and Hydraulic powered Center Pivot / lateral move Systems Models Include: 725 – U, 50:1 worm gear ratio: Standard gear ratio for most systems. 725 – UV, 52:1 Worm gear ratio: Select gear ratio to...

  • Helical Worm Gear

    Helical Worm Gear

    1 Performance Characteristics Systematic and modular design;Transmiss­ion ratio with fine stage covers a wide range. High efficiency; Low energy consumption; Superior performance. High Precision gearwith teeth grinding;Sta­ble transmission; Low noise; Strong bearing capacity;...

  • Delrin Worm Gear

    Delrin Worm Gear

    SDP/SI is a AS 9100 certified precision gear manufacturer and producer of custom plastic gears, bevel gears, spur gears and more. Our engineering department can help in customizing gears to your drawings and specifications. We also have a large inventory of off-the shelf...

  • Plastic Worm Gear

    Plastic Worm Gear

    Nylon Plastic Worm Gear Wheels Plastic worm wheel can be widely used in the automobile manufacturing field since it is certainly favorable for weight lightening, vibration and noise reduction, in addition to corrosion resistance. Nevertheless, it is very problematic for...

  • Worm And Worm Gear

    Worm And Worm Gear

    Best choice of gearing when high drive reduction is required. Worm Wheels resemble spur gears with the addition of a throat cut into the O.D. of wheel. The throat permits the worm wheel to fully envelope the threads of the worm. Threads, not teeth are cut on the worm, and by...

  • Feederhouse Chain Sprocket

    Feederhouse Chain Sprocket

    Ensuring the transmission of torque through the chain to the working units of the drive. This spare part is used for replacing worn out or damaged parts during repairs.