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  • Extended Pitch Sprockets

    Extended Pitch Sprockets

    These sprocket idlers are designed for extended pitch chain. They are installed with standard 1/2″ or 5/8″ bolts, and include accurately contoured hardened teeth to resist wear and damage to the chain. Aetna idlers are compact and easy to install and built for a long...



    Standard sprockets are made from C1040 steel and are completely machined to provide the finest quality available. Sprockets of stainless steel, bronze or other materials can be made to order.​

  • Split Roller Chain Sprockets

    Split Roller Chain Sprockets

    Split sprockets are quickly becoming more and more popular due to their ease in installation and removal. Some of the benefits that USA Roller Chain and Sprockets offers is our snap-reaction machining lead-time, quality workmanship.

  • Split Hub Sprockets

    Split Hub Sprockets

    Split Hubs Sprockets are round and fully machined. They do not have dangerous projecting bolts or ears. They are drilled and tapped for high strength socket head cap screws and are welded to each side of a type a sprocket, forming a unit similar in appearance to a type c...

  • Qd Sprockets

    Qd Sprockets

    We are Leading Supplier of QD Bushing Sprockets. Sprockets are manufactured with high precision in British and American standard in all types. Sprockets are hob cut and a tooth is hardened and ground for better wear life and durability.

  • Table Top Chain Sprocket

    Table Top Chain Sprocket

    FEATURES & BENEFITS Effective number of teeth is one half of listed number For smooth operation, sprockets of 19teeth or more are recommended 19, 21, 23 and 25 teeth stocked with and without center groove Chain contacts alternate teeth each revolution No Hub Projection

  • Worm Gear Set

    Worm Gear Set

    Our worm gear sets cover a wide range of applications. We demonstrate our years of experience and high level of capacity by producing more than 1 million worm gear sets every year in-house, most of which are created according to custom specifications. Our catalog of worm gear...

  • Double Pitch Mega Chain

    Double Pitch Mega Chain

  • Mega Chains

    Mega Chains

    Mega chains are manufactured completely out of high quality 304-grade stainless steel and is an in-stock item at china. It is the strongest stainless steel roller chain in the world that will run on ANSI sprockets. Due to the construction and quality of stainless steel used,...

  • Ca550 Roller Chain

    Ca550 Roller Chain

    CA550 roller chain is commonly known as an agricultural roller chain and is manufactured using hardened steel parts to close tolerances. This CA550 chain is durable, high quality, high strength, and has a long working life. CA550 agricultural roller chain is found in a wide...

  • Agricultural Chain

    Agricultural Chain

    Farming would come to a standstill without the helpful assistance of both small and huge devices. Whether you're harvesting crops or arranging the barn, these machines take hours of work out of your entire day. Support your machine's mechanical requirements with...

  • Special Chains

    Special Chains

    The chain is located at the external surface of the wheel, equal a belt, and the teeth stick beyond your chain. The chain grips with the wheel through tooth that are located in the bottom of the chain. The chain tooth and the chain wheel the teeth are so constituted that by...