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  • Agricultural Gearbox Suppliers

    Agricultural Gearbox Suppliers

    Our Mission is to manufacture the highest value power transmission systems for agricultural, mobile off-highway, and industrial equipment manufacturers. XLT has manufacturing and assembly centers around the world.XLT designs, manufactures and distributes...

  • Agricultural Gearbox Manufacturers

    Agricultural Gearbox Manufacturers

    The agricultural gearbox is the main mechanical component of the kinematic chain of agricultural machines. It is normally driven by the tractor power take-off via the PTO shaft and the gearbox drives. The operating torque can also be transmitted to the gearbox by hydraulic...

  • Tractor Pto Gearbox

    Tractor Pto Gearbox

    Hydraulic Tractor PTO Gearbox to Suit Group 2/3 Pump 1:3 Ratio 70004-4 These over-gears are designed for connecting hydraulic gear pumps to farm tractor power-take-offs (PTO’S). The output speed of a PTO ( Power take off ) is 540RPM, Giving a pump shaft speed of 1620 RPM....

  • Agricultural Pto Gearbox

    Agricultural Pto Gearbox

    PTO Speed Changer For Farm Tractors A new pto speed changer, which mounts on the tractor pto shaft, lets you change your tractor's pto speed to match implement needs. The Hub City model 390 is a heavy-duty attachment that converts pto speed from 540 rpm to 1,000, or from...

  • Flail Mowers Gearbox

    Flail Mowers Gearbox

    GENERAL FEATURES: This XLT Flail Mower has 16 Large Solid Cast Steel Hammer Blades - XLT Flail Mowers always have the highest population of Blades to provide the best possible cut, and to reduce the burden on your tractor! Single row of 'Under Deck...

  • Rotary Harrow Gearbox

    Rotary Harrow Gearbox

    Rotary Harrow Professional rotary harrow, gear transmission, 2 blades per rotor. STANDARD FEATURES: Three-point hitch, category 1. Cast iron gearbox 540 rpm. Blades Gear driven in oil bath. Two blades per rotor. Self-adjusting side protection. Mounting points for roller....

  • Snow Tillers Gearbox

    Snow Tillers Gearbox

    OVERVIEW XLT Gear Driven Rotary Tiller XLT Gear-Driven Rotary Tiller is designed to perform with cast iron gear box and square tube frame. With 6 tines per flange, you get maximum soil mix for preparing planting beds, gardens, incorporating fertilizer,...

  • Digger Drive Gearbox

    Digger Drive Gearbox

    Driver Heads – Digger Drives, Output Torque, 4,300 to 20,000 ft.-lb., Two-Speed, Shift-On-The-Fly or Optional Single Speed, Heavy-Duty, Automatic Kick-Down, Maximum System Pressure: 2,750 PSI. The 75 Series Digger Drive, “Hydrasync” uses a high-efficiency double planetary for...

  • Harvest Fruits Gearbox

    Harvest Fruits Gearbox

    Cleaning technology of fruit The working principle of automatic fruit picking is very simple: A roller with rubber fins, taking the fruits from the ground and discharges it out along a trajectory in the container. On the way passing the fruit a sophisticated cleaning system....

  • Salt Spreader Gearbox

    Salt Spreader Gearbox

    NEW SALT SPREADER GEARBOX FITS EP SP375 SP575 SP1075 SP1575 SP3000 D6107 Description: Transmission/Gearbox Notes: (4) 1/4-20 Threaded Mounting Holes (1) 15.7mm OD x 150mm L Shaft With (1) 20mm x 10mm Flat and (1) 30mm x 10mm Flat Both Flats Drilled With 4.8mm Hole (1) 8mm OD...

  • Fertilizer Spreader Gearbox

    Fertilizer Spreader Gearbox

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  • Rotary Cultivators Gearbox

    Rotary Cultivators Gearbox

    Description Get your garden tilled in record time, with the XLT Gear Driven Rotary Tiller. You know the importance of good soil mix when adding fertilizer and other soil additives, and with 6 tines per flange, this tiller can handle it with ease. The days of digging...