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  • Rope And Pulley

    Rope And Pulley

    The simplest effective rope pulley block system, or block and tackle, always involves at least two pulley blocks, which yields a force advantage of two. In order to lift a 100-pound (45.36-kilogram) weight from the floor of a building in this manner, a single pulley is...

  • Rope Sheave

    Rope Sheave

    Simple machine consisting of a fixed, grooved wheel, sometimes in a block, around which a rope or chain can be run. A simple pulley serves only to change the direction of the applied effort (as in a simple hoist for raising loads). The use of more than one pulley results in a...

  • Drive Belt Pulley

    Drive Belt Pulley

    The drive belt idler pulley works in conjunction with the tensioner pulley/tensioner assembly to maintain tension on the belt as well as guide the belt. Idler pulleys are also used to achieve ideal belt routing around the engine drive accessories such as the power steering...

  • Cable Pulley

    Cable Pulley

    Every product has a unique Manufacturing Part Number label on the inner package that proves it has been qualified,which include Part Number,Model Number and inspection date information;

  • Winch Pulley

    Winch Pulley

    The hook on the pulley block is removed and the winch cable line is run over the pulley. The pulley block hook is then replaced and then attached to a strap wrapped on the forward fixed-object. The hook on the winch cable end is attached to the front of the vehicle being...

  • Plastic Pulley

    Plastic Pulley

    Pulleys are often used as parts of compound machines. They function as helper machines, easing the lifting power. In fact, a pulley system can cut the force necessary to lift a very heavy object in two, four, etc., depending on the designed system. With these pulleys you can...

  • Small Pulley

    Small Pulley

    With the endorsement of our adept and seasoned professionals, we are engaged in offering a commendable range of Campaign Small Pulley. The offered pulley is manufactured by making use of high grade raw material and leading technology in synchronization with the set industrial...

  • Aluminum Sheave

    Aluminum Sheave

    We are engaged in offering a wide range of Aluminium Pulley to meet the demands of our clients. These products are easy to install and do not require much maintenance on regular basis. These products are easily used and ensure longer functional life. All these products are...

  • Aluminum Pulley

    Aluminum Pulley

    The XLT belts and pulleys are designed specifically for linear motion. They use a rounded tooth profile that guarantees that the belt tooth fits smoothly and accurately in the pulley groove, so when you reverse the pulley direction, there is no room for the belt to move in...

  • Sheave Pulley

    Sheave Pulley

    A fixed pulley with no sheave changes the direction in which the force is applied to move the heavy load, but it does not change the amount of force needed. Using multiple sheaves gives you a mechanical advantage.

  • Compound Pulley

    Compound Pulley

    A pulley is a rope wrapped around a wheel. It changes the direction of force. A basic compound pulley has a rope attached to a stationary point looped around one wheel and then around a second wheel. Pulling on the rope pulls the two wheels closer together.

  • Cast Iron Pulley

    Cast Iron Pulley

    Sheaves and pulleys are round wheels with a flat or grooved edge that transmit rotational force from one shaft to another when connected with a V-belt or gearbelt. They are typically used to power fans, pumps, conveyors, and other industrial machinery.