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  • Pto Belt Pulley

    Pto Belt Pulley

    This is a very hard to find and nice original PTO belt pulley attachment farm tractor. It is in excellent original condition with no cracks, breaks, or repairs of any kind. It turns very nicely with no bearing wear or noise. The pulley itself measures about 9 inches in...

  • Mini Pulley

    Mini Pulley

    This Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley is stock diameter (OEM sized) crank pulley, utilizing the original belt layout. Since the crank pulley diameter is unchanged, they maintain alternator output at exactly stock output levels so you need not worry about flat batteries or weak...

  • Chain Sheave

    Chain Sheave

    The chain sheave bearings are used with installed at the axis of BL type chain for vertical movement of forklift carriages or chain guide of telescopic crane cars.

  • Custom Pulley

    Custom Pulley

    Pulleys are wheels on axles which come in a variety of sizes designed to support movement. Pulleys are utilized in a variety of applications when applying force, and are available in gauge tubing along with heavy wall.

  • Spinning Pulley

    Spinning Pulley

    Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material 15% glass filled is used to withstand high wear and tear at enormous friction and heat generated by synthetic spindle tape running at higher RPM in machine.

  • Sharp Top Chain

    Sharp Top Chain

    SHARP TOP CHAIN FEATURES High-precision teeth for optimal grip and least amount of penetration Heat treated shot peened pins, bushings, rollers, and side plates for optimal fatigue strength and working life Low draft tooth profile that distributes weight and reduces losses...

  • Taper Pulley

    Taper Pulley

    Taper Lock V Belt Pulley is available off the shelf in virtually all sizes and styles, with pilot bore fixings or using the Lock shaft fixing system for ultimate versatility. Buy Taperlock Pulleys from XLT at very competitive price . We are one of the most reputed Taper lock...

  • Wt Drag Chain

    Wt Drag Chain

    The drag chain test made with our equipment certifies the cable capability of bending along the chain path. The movement patterns are run through the classic trapezoidal course profile for reflecting the stress put on the cable in the Customer’s application. The cable is...

  • Cast Pulley

    Cast Pulley

    we are engaged in offering a wide range of Cast Iron Pulley. The product of our company is used in various industries, machines and many more. We offer product to the customers as per the need of the application and in various specifications. Moreover, customers can avail...

  • Drag Chain

    Drag Chain

    Our system offers you a complete system solution for many fields of operations, such as cable drag chains, guide molds, leads, strain relief, and assembling. Our chains have proven their quality and longevity under extreme constant loads and environmental influences. Our...

  • Belt Idler PulleyFlat-Belt Idler Pulleys

    Belt Idler PulleyFlat-Belt Idler Pulleys

    It provides reliable operation under severe conditions for year-round performance and has mounting hardware included on some popular applications as an added feature. This premium aftermarket replacement idler pulley is manufactured to meet your expectations for fit, form,...

  • Pulley and Sheave

    Pulley and Sheave

    The word as we know it was first in common parlance in Middle English at some time between 1150 to 1500 AD. It was anglicized from the Old French(800-1400 AD) word, "polie." The French likely nabbed it from the Medieval Greek(400-1400 AD) word, polos, which means "pivot" or...