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  • V Belt Pulley Wheels

    V Belt Pulley Wheels

    A v-belt is a unique mechanical linkage with a cross-section that resembles an isosceles trapezoid. The v-belt and its complementing pulley create the most efficient belt drive known (sometimes achieving 98% transmission efficiency).

  • V Belt

    V Belt

    V Belts are now known to be the basic belt for power transmission. They provide the best combination of traction, speed of movement, load of the bearings and lastly, maintain a long service life therefore making them very cost effective.

  • Timing Belt

    Timing Belt

    Synchronous drives are specially well-appropriate for low-speed, high torque applications. Their positive traveling nature prevents potential slippage connected with V-belt drives, and also allows significantly higher torque carrying capacity.

  • Car Pulley Belt

    Car Pulley Belt

    Car pulley crankshaft for corolla engine sale ac compressor price. Car pulley crankshaft noise. Car pulley details about engine crank shaft crankshaft replacement belt. Car pulley details about engine crank shaft crankshaft replacement squealing.

  • Taper Lock Bushing

    Taper Lock Bushing

    Taper locking bushings and hubs are used to mount pulleys, sprockets, and sheaves on shafts. They are split, flangeless bushings that use screws to tighten on the shaft and provide excellent clamping force. These bearings also keep sprocket hubs narrow, maintain a small...

  • Taper Lock Bush

    Taper Lock Bush

    Taper bushing is a new type of mechanical coupling components widely used in American and European market, with a high degree of standardization, high precision, compact structure, easy installation and removal, etc.

  • Sheaves Taper Bush

    Sheaves Taper Bush

    Taper bushing series are made of high quality engineered materials with great tolerance. The feature is easy to use and needs no additional alteration. These bushings can suit almost all kinds of assemblies and sizes. They are the best choice in design for mechanical connections.

  • Qd Bushing

    Qd Bushing

    QD bushings (inch and metric sizes) have a flanged design and feature a 4° taper with conventional or reverse mounting. They are stocked in popular finished bore sizes and minimum plain bore for custom reboring.

  • Taper Bore Bushing

    Taper Bore Bushing

    Built to withstand high torque capacity applications, taper bore bushings are split bushings that utilize set screws to lock on shafts in addition to keyways. The split, flangeless design and narrow hub creates a small center of load that further improves their torque capacities.

  • Weld On Hubs

    Weld On Hubs

    Weld-on hubs are made of low carbon steel for good welding compatibility. They are useful for welding into fan rotors, impellers, agitators, etc., which require secure mounting to the shaft.

  • Taper Adapter

    Taper Adapter

    We have in stores an outstanding range of Morse Taper Adapter for our valued clients. Our range of products is made using high quality raw material, procured from the accredited vendors of the industry. We employ latest machines to design the products at par with the...

  • Bolt On Hubs

    Bolt On Hubs

    They provide a convenient solution of securing fan rotors, impellers, agitators and other devices which must be fastened firmly to shafts. They can be mounted from both sides.