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  • Split Taper Bushing

    Split Taper Bushing

    Split taper bushings mount sheaves and sprockets on shafts and are built to withstand torque generated in power transmission. The double split steel, flanged design makes these bushings more adjustable in regards to shaft size and improves hold strength. The bushing also...

  • Lock Assembly

    Lock Assembly

    The door lock motor assembly locks the latch to keep the oven door shut during the cleaning cycle and when the control lock-out is active. If the door isn't locking, replace the door lock motor with the manufacturer-approved replacement part.

  • Power Lock

    Power Lock

    Lock device, keyless locking device, clamp power lock, Power Lock, Locking Assembly, Locking device is a keyless shaft-hub locking devices for connecting hubs and shaft with high torque transmission, are linker used between shafts and pulley, which can replace the single key...

  • Locking Device

    Locking Device

    They have a good interchangeablity. The screw are with high strength. Power lock have many item We produce by CNC machine Their main material is superior steel. After machining, they will have smooth and beautiful surface, have long life time and high strength.

  • Super Power Lock

    Super Power Lock

    This friction type locking device allows easy, strong, and secure connections between shafts and hubs without backlash. The environment-resistant series is also available, which is suitable for use in clean rooms.

  • Hydraulic Coupling

    Hydraulic Coupling

    The coupling can start empty, with all the oil expelled from the impeller, so the motor starts unladen. After the motor begins running at full speed, the impeller is filled with oil to start the driven side and begin accelerating it. Torsional vibration generated by the...

  • Fluid Drive Coupling

    Fluid Drive Coupling

    performance is to reduce the impact of torsional vibration and isolation; can make the motor start with a delay time, slow speed, reduce the impact caused by the sudden start and the interaction between parts.

  • Roller Chain Coupling

    Roller Chain Coupling

    The chain coupling composed of two-stand roller chains and two sprockets, features simple and compact structure, and high flexibility power transmission capability and durability. What's more, the chain coupling allows simple connection/disconnection, and the use of the...

  • Spider Coupling

    Spider Coupling

    We manufacture a range of Spider Couplings, which possesses a torque rating of 100 HP/ 24 kg meter. It consists of two hubs and a single elastomeric flexible member, and is simple in construction. Apart from this, our range is highly durable, cost-effective and can be...

  • Rubber Coupling

    Rubber Coupling

    Rubber Products was established in the year 1982. We are a leading Manufacturer, Supplier of Gear Rubber Couplings, HRC Rubber Couplings, NM Rubber Couplings, Spider Rubber Couplings, etc.

  • Flexible Jaw Coupling

    Flexible Jaw Coupling

    A jaw coupling is a type of general purpose power transmission coupling that also can be used in motion control (servo) applications. It is designed to transmit torque (by connecting two shafts) while damping system vibrations and accommodating misalignment, which protects...

  • Flange Flexible Coupling

    Flange Flexible Coupling

    Flange Couplings do not require lubrication and are virtually maintenance free. The simplified form of this piece enables a quick and easy installation. These couplings are easy and low cost to assemble and disassemble.