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  • Hydraulic Motors

    Hydraulic Motors

    Hydraulic motors are used in any application requiring rotational force, also known as torque. A hydraulic motor converts hydrostatic energy into mechanical energy by pushing vanes, gears or pistons attached to a crankshaft.

  • Hydraulic Winches

    Hydraulic Winches

    When choosing a hydraulic winch, you will have to consider the electric systems that will control the winch. The controls of the hydraulic winch include control panel displays, joysticks, switches and pushbuttons.

  • Extend Pitch Precision Roller Chains

    Extend Pitch Precision Roller Chains

    There are two types of links alternating in the bush roller chain. The 1st type is inner links, having two inner plates held collectively by two sleeves or bushings upon which rotate two rollers. Inner links alternate with the second type, the external links, comprising two...

  • 60h Roller Chain

    60h Roller Chain

    This #60H Heavy roller chain fully meets all ANSI standards and is a durable, economically priced roller chain that has a tensile strength of 11,660lbs. The Economy Plus series roller chains feature heat-treated side plates to ensure the strength and durability of the roller...

  • Piston Pumps

    Piston Pumps

    This complexity falls to the equipment designer and service technician to understand in order to ensure the piston pump is working correctly with its additional moving parts, stricter filtration requirements and closer tolerances.

  • 25 Roller Chain

    25 Roller Chain

    #25 roller chain is manufactured in accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B29.1 standards and has been manufactured to the same dimensions since the beginning of ANSI/ ASA in 1930. Though dimensionally the exact same we offer three different quality...

  • Gear Pump

    Gear Pump

    For truck-mounted hydraulic systems, the most common design in use is the gear pump. This design is characterized as having fewer moving parts, being easy to service, more tolerant of contamination than other designs and relatively inexpensive.

  • 80 Roller Chain

    80 Roller Chain

    This #80 Roller chain is a premium quality, high strength, and extremely durable roller chain. Premier Series #80 roller chain supplies a high tensile strength of 6,930lbs, and a working load 1,540lbs. One of the most important features that make this chain last longer than...

  • 50 Roller Chain

    50 Roller Chain

    This premium #50 nickel plated roller chain offers extremely high strength, a very long working life, and the best performance. The Premier Series nickel plated roller chain takes quality to a whole new level with extreme precision ANSI components, a very high quality carbon...

  • Hydraulic Pump

    Hydraulic Pump

    There are typically three types of hydraulic pump constructions found in mobile hydraulic applications. These include gear, piston and vane; however, there are also clutch pumps, dump pumps and pumps for refuse vehicles such as dry valve pumps

  • Metric Roller Chain

    Metric Roller Chain

    For devices engineered and designed in European marketplaces with conformity with International Standards Organization's criteria ISO 606, British specifications BS228, or German requirements DIN 8187, we provide a broad collection of metric metric roller chain roller...

  • Small Electric Motor

    Small Electric Motor

    This small DC motor runs off any battery or solar cell ranging from 0.5-volts to 6-volts and it is our best all-purpose motor. It is ideal for experimenting with direct current (DC) electricity or creating motorized projects of your own design. It can also be used as a small...