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  • Helical Speed Reducer

    Helical Speed Reducer

    Four basic sizes 1/6 - 10 HP Over 40 different ratios 1.5:1 - 71:1 double-reduction ratios 36:1 - 250:1 triple-reduction ratios Non-flanged and NEMA c-face input styles Base-mount and output flange-mount models available Output-shaft diameters from 3/4" to 1 5/8"...

  • Coaxial Helical Inline Gearbox

    Coaxial Helical Inline Gearbox

    Features • Graded cast iron housings • High strength alloy steel gears • Single & three phase motor • DC or AC supply • Flame proof and brake motor options • Single or dual speed motor • 3 Decades of field experience in textile, pharmaceuticals, chemical, cement, sugar,...

  • Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox

    Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox

    A rugged and dependable Shaft mounted helical gear motor ideal for all material handling applications involving conveyors or augers and are also suitable for a wide variety of industrial fields. Universal mounting, modular design, high efficiency, and quite operation makes...

  • Helical Reduction Gearbox

    Helical Reduction Gearbox

    Helical Reduction Gearbox Specification: Helical Gearbox can be manufactured as per customer requirment As per standard available for 0.25HP,0.5 HP,1 HP,2 HP,3 HP,4 HP upto 40 HP of any ratio between15:1 to 70:1. Key Features Power capacity from 18.5kW to 90kW Output torque...

  • Shaft Mounted Reducer

    Shaft Mounted Reducer

    Shaft mount reducers are enclosed helical gear reducers with a hollow output. They are mounted directly on the input shaft of the driven machine and are supported by the shaft and torque arm arrangement or motor mount frame. This eliminates the need for additional components...

  • Shaft Mounted Gear Reducer

    Shaft Mounted Gear Reducer

    We modeled our Original Shaft Mount Reducer after the popular TXT reducer series. The Original EP mounts directly to the driven shaft and is available and in stock with supporting accessories that allow it to perform in a variety of environments and applications. This shaft...

  • Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

    Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

    Shaft Mount Gear Drives XLT is a leading manufacturer of shaft mount gear drives for the heavy-duty industrial market. Our shaft mount gear drives feature rugged designs to meet every operating challenge, and they're site proven in the world's most demanding...

  • Shaft Mounted Gearbox

    Shaft Mounted Gearbox

    XLT Shaft Mount Gearboxes (speed reducers) feature shafts and gears manufactured from the highest grade steel, case hardened and precision ground to AGMA standards for long lasting durability. Housings are 100% cast iron to provide industrial grade protection for the...

  • Bevel Helical Gearbox

    Bevel Helical Gearbox

    XLT EP Series Bevel Helical Gearbox and Helical Gearbox offer parallel shaft and right angle gearbox and they can be used in demanding applications in the medium and heavy-duty sector of the power transmission market. They can have right angle gear boxes in either in...

  • Helical Reducer

    Helical Reducer

    XLT Gear's EP Series contains a focused selection of compact, heavy duty helical gear drives that offer long-life performance and simplified maintenance. A broad range of reduction ratios suit an even broader range of specifications, while a variety of input shaft...

  • Helical Bevel Gear Motor

    Helical Bevel Gear Motor

    Our reliable EP geared motor sets new standards for reliability, efficiency and economy and includes unparalleled standard features including hollow shafts in the smallest sizes. An inverter friendly design provides for easy integration now and a truly future proof solution....

  • Inline Helical Geared Motor

    Inline Helical Geared Motor

    inline helical geared motor In spite of their high torque of up to 26,000 Nm, our Helical Geared Motors operate with great energy efficiency. The drives are wash-down capable and provide many connection options. Helical Geared Motors for a wide range of applications Motors...

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