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  • Heavy Duty Chain

    Heavy Duty Chain

    Heavy roller chain Heavy duty roller chains are manufactured to ANSI B29.1 but have thicker side panels. The thicker side panels not only show improved strength and fatigue resistance of the roller chain, but also reduce stretching and wear over time. Heavy duty roller chains...

  • 3 Phase Ac Motor

    3 Phase Ac Motor

    If you are wondering about the difference between 3 phase vs single phase AC motors, just remember this. Single phase AC motors usually operate on a single phase source of power while 3 phase AC motors operate on a three phase source of power.

  • Rollerless Chain

    Rollerless Chain

    - Heat treatment of all chain components for maximum strength And wear resistance is higher. - All roller chains are preloaded during the manufacturing process, Minimize initial elongation. - Hot dip lubrication ensures all chains Parts are 100% lubricated, extending wear...

  • Double Roller Chain

    Double Roller Chain

    Standard double chain roller chain - All roller chains feature solid rollers that enhance the rotation of the casing while reducing the impact load on the sprocket teeth during operation. - Heat treatment of all chain components for maximum strength and wear resistance. - All...

  • 3 Phase Electric Motor

    3 Phase Electric Motor

    Three-phase motors are more efficient than single phase motors and are commonly found in applications requiring more than 7.5 horsepower. Although the National Electric Code does not specify specific conductor colors for three-phase current, it is common to use black, red and...

  • Three Phase Motor

    Three Phase Motor

    An induction motor or 3 phase induction motor is an AC electric motor in which the electric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding

  • Three Phase Ac Induction Motor

    Three Phase Ac Induction Motor

    AC induction machines are popular due to their simplicity, reliability and direct operation from an AC line voltage. ACIMs are asynchronous machines and always have a lower mechanical rotor speed than the power line frequency.

  • Single Phase Induction Motor

    Single Phase Induction Motor

    We use the single-phase power system more widely than three phase system for domestic purposes, commercial purposes and some extent in industrial uses.

  • Single Phase Ac Motor

    Single Phase Ac Motor

    As the power requirements of single load systems are usually small, all our homes, offices are supplied with a single–phase A.C. supply only.

  • Single Phase Electric Motor

    Single Phase Electric Motor

    What is a single-phase motor? A single-phase motor is an electrically-powered rotary machine that can turn electric energy into mechanical energy.

  • Brushless Ac Motor

    Brushless Ac Motor

    MOTORS. AC Brushless Motors. AC brushless motors use the induction of a rotating magnetic field in the stator to turn the rotor and stator at the same rate. Like DC motors, these are permanent-magnet synchronous motors, or PMSMs, that rely upon magnets built into the rotor.

  • Motorcycle Chain

    Motorcycle Chain

    motocycle chain sprocket kit keep your wheels turning with our wide range of quality motorcycle chain and sprocket kits. we stock chain and sprockets kits from well-known brands and manufacturers. looking for d.i.d chains? we’ve got them! we also have rk racing and triple s...