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  • Dc Gear Motor

    Dc Gear Motor

    TPOSITIVE-NEGATIVE ROTATION, you also can modify the speed, but the electric gear electric motor speed can only just be reduced, can not be raised. Low noise and high torque, such as for example 10rpm can drive 15 kilograms.

  • Small Gear Motor

    Small Gear Motor

    Custom electric equipment motors provide many operational benefits. If your project requires maximum torque in minimal space, a custom equipment motor is correct for you. We customize equipment motors to meet your noise requirements, be tough in design and building, built for...

  • Bush Chain

    Bush Chain

    Bush chains are manufactured in accordance with ČSN 02 3301 and in dimensions according to ČSN 02 3329. Our manufacturing programme also includes non-standard bush chains produced according to our internal documentation. A bush chain is very similar to the roller chain....

  • Stainless Steel Leaf Chains

    Stainless Steel Leaf Chains

    Product Description Leveraging on our quality approach, we have been able to manufacture and supply a superior range of Stainless Steel Leaf Chain . This range of products is carefully made using the latest technology emerged in the industry. Our production team is expert...

  • Stainless Steel Conveyor Chains

    Stainless Steel Conveyor Chains

    Flexible usage thanks to modular design Thanks to the modular design the system can be perfectly adapted to and integrated into the space you have available in the production process and your infrastructure. The system can be expanded, adapted or integrated into a different...

  • Stainless Steel Roller Chains

    Stainless Steel Roller Chains

    This #40 Stainless Steel Roller Chain fully meets all ANSI standards and is a durable, corrosion resistant, stainless steel roller chain. Economy Plus #40 stainless steel roller chain has a tensile strength of 2,760lbs and is constructed entirely out of 304-grade stainless...

  • Ac Gear Motor

    Ac Gear Motor

    AC gear motors are designed to handle a variety of loads at a fairly consistent speed. For applications requiring high levels of output torque, consider a planetary right angle or inline gear reducer. Parallel shaft and right angle worm reducers are ideal for products with...

  • Micro Gear Motor

    Micro Gear Motor

    Also available is the MB7 Bracket, which is featured in one of the item images and may make mounting the gear motor a very simple task, requiring simply two screws to attach the assembly on your application. All of the micro metal gearmotors possess the same physical...

  • Gear Reduction Motor

    Gear Reduction Motor

    Gear reduction has the opposite effect on torque. The rotary machine’s output torque is increased by multiplying the torque by the gear ratio, less some efficiency losses.

  • Nema Base

    Nema Base

    Fixed-position mechanisms are selected due to their cost advantage more than higher priced tension-controlling equipment. They are available in designs that are standard to NEMA mounting measurements and provide sufficient belt tension control.

  • Motor Tension

    Motor Tension

    Belt drives are an alternative to chain drives. Early motorcycles frequently used leather belts, that could be tensioned to provide traction utilizing a spring-loaded pulley and hand lever. Leather-based belts often slipped, especially in wet weather, so these were abandoned...

  • Electric Motor Shims

    Electric Motor Shims

    Some of those motors include Westinghouse, WEG, Baldor, Mitsubishi, Waukesha and Caterpillar. Shims are used to correctly align the motor to a pump or other application, to avoid bearing and coupling failure because of vibration.