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  • Inline Planetary Gearbox

    Inline Planetary Gearbox

    Right angle gearboxes (worm and planetary) are rugged and built for 90° turns. Inline reducers (parallel shaft and planetary) are an ideal match for motors with high input speeds, or when gearmotor efficiency is important. Contact our technical sales staff for help...

  • Planetary Gear Housing

    Planetary Gear Housing

    Inside of Planetary Gearbox, the driving power through direct connection or link initiates the sun gear. The sun gear then drives the planetary gears assembled with the external gear ring to operate. The whole set of planetary gear system revolves on its own axis and along...

  • Plastic Planetary Gear Set

    Plastic Planetary Gear Set

    XLT uses several different materials in our low-cost plastic planetary gears. The outer ring gear is constructed entirely out of plastic while the inner planets and rollers are made of sintered metal. Carrier plates are usually made of ZDC2 but can be made in a variety...

  • Planet Gear In Planetary Gear

    Planet Gear In Planetary Gear

    Planetary gears are crucial in complex automotive transmissions, drive trains and other applications where complex gear ratios are required for smooth torque transmission. These complex and drastic gear ratios are possible since planetary gears have the ability to produce...

  • 2 Speed Planetary Gearbox

    2 Speed Planetary Gearbox

    Ideal for use in main spindle drives on machine tools. Rapid change between high speed for finishing cuts and high torque for heavy-duty machining. Shaft output: solid or flange shaft Two-speed gearbox with loss-optimized direct gear and integrated actuator controller with...

  • Bevel Planetary Gearbox

    Bevel Planetary Gearbox

    XLT is engaged in the field of manufacturing Bevel Planetary Gear Box with optimum design feature and latest technology of improving the geometrical accuracy of the gear teeth profile with the team of experienced professionals. We are a leading manufacturer of...

  • hollow-shaft-planetary-gearbox


    XLT Planetary Gear Motors are an inline solution providing high torque at low speeds. Our Planetary Gear Motors offer a high efficiency and provide excellent torque output when compared to other types of gear motors. They can handle a varying load with minimal backlash...

  • Planetary Yaw Drive

    Planetary Yaw Drive

    XLT Transmission planetary gearboxes are used on different part of wind energy plant: the rotor and the nacelle. Our slewing planetary gear units from the yaw and pitch range are normally used to control blade pitch. The nacelle at the top of the tower is connected to...

  • Planetary Pitch Drive

    Planetary Pitch Drive

    Manufacturer of planetary Pitch Drive, Planetary gear reducer, Planetary geared motor, Epicyclic gearing, Planetary gearing, Gearboxes, can interchange and replace with brevini gearbox, david brown gearbox and so on. XLT have many years of experience in planetary Pitch...

  • Wind Turbine Planetary Gearbox

    Wind Turbine Planetary Gearbox

    XLT has developed small and medium capacity wind turbine gearboxes in 55 kW (SBH 410/S) and 250 kW (SBH 280/80). These gearboxes are coaxial shaft mounted working at a height of 40 meters from ground level. Internals are carburized, hardened, ground and specifically...

  • Planetary Gear Unit

    Planetary Gear Unit

    This series is characterized by maintenance-free and fully oil-lubricated anti-friction bearings, combined with the high power density of the planetary output stages. They are mainly used for high reduction ratios and low output speeds. Individual optional features, such as...

  • Small Planetary Gearbox

    Small Planetary Gearbox

    The Planetary Motion Is The Principle For The Planetary Gearbox. The Accurately Positioned And Meshed Planet Gears With The Sun Gear In The Centre And The Internal Teeth Of The Outer Ring Gear Compose Each Stage Of A Planetary Gearbox. The Sun Gear Gets The Input While The 3...