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PTO shaft stands for Power Take Off shaft. It is a mechanical device that transfers power from a tractor or vehicle’s engine to an attached implement or machine. The PTO shaft is mounted on the tractor or vehicle’s transmission and extends outwardly. The output shaft of the implement or machine is connected to the PTO shaft of the tractor or vehicle using a universal joint. This allows the implement or machine to receive power from the tractor’s engine and operate independently. PTO shafts are commonly used in agriculture and industrial applications.

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What is a PTO shaft?

The PTO (power output shaft) shaft is one of the most important components in agricultural machinery equipment, and its role is to achieve power transmission and cooperative operation of agricultural machinery.Its main function is to transmit the rotational power generated by the source to the driven machinery, such as pumps, blades, tillers, and other attachments. The PTO shaft consists of a splined shaft, a clutch, a gearbox, and a stub shaft. Its design allows it to be easily attached and detached from the implement or equipment, making it a flexible and versatile component for agricultural machinery and industrial equipment.

It converts the power from the engine into mechanical energy by connecting the drive axle and mechanical transmission components, thereby driving various agricultural implements to perform tasks such as farming, harvesting, planting, and irrigation.

Generally speaking, the agricultural machines and tools used together with the PTO shaft include tractors, rotary tillers, harvesters, balers, forage machines, spray, irrigation machines, etc. Through the PTO shaft, they realize the connection and power transmission of mechanical components, thereby forming a collaborative work system, improving production efficiency and economic benefits.


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How to Choose the Right PTO Shaft for Your Agricultural Machinery

To select the right PTO shaft for an agricultural machinery equipment, there are several important parameters that should be taken into consideration, including:

  1. PTO shaft type: There are several PTO shaft types, such as six-spline, eight-spline, and others. You should ensure that the PTO shaft you choose is compatible with the PTO output of your tractor or equipment.
  2. Shaft length: The length of the PTO shaft largely depends on the distance between the tractor PTO output and the implement hitch point. The correct length ensures that the PTO is not overstretched or bent at sharp angles, which can damage its components.
  3. Shaft diameter: The diameter of the PTO shaft affects its torque capacity. You should select the appropriate diameter to match the power requirements of the implement.
  4. Rotation speed: Different implements operate at different speed ranges, and the PTO shaft should be selected to match the maximum operating speed range of the implement.
  5. Torque rating: The torque rating of the PTO shaft should be equal to or greater than the torque generated by the tractor or equipment to avoid overloading, which can lead to the PTO shaft’s failure.
  6. Safety features: The PTO shaft should also have safety features such as safety guards, shear pins, and warning decals to prevent accidents that could cause personal injuries or equipment damage.

By selecting the appropriate PTO shaft that considers these parameters, you will ensure that your agricultural machinery equipment runs efficiently and safely.

How to Installing  PTO Driveline to Your Tractor


how to install pto shaft

  1. park the tractor and implement on a level and solid ground. Connect the implement to the upper and lower parts of the tractor’s hitch arm. Adjust the three-point linkage of the tractor so that the output shaft of the tractor is flush with the input shaft of the implement.
  2. Engage the tractor, turn off the tractor engine, remove the key, and set the parking brake. Prevent the implement from tipping or shifting.
  3. Slide the inner yoke of the PTO shaft “A” (implement end) onto the input shaft of the implement.
    Ensure that the yoke is securely locked in place.
  4. Slide the outer yoke of the PTO shaft “B” (tractor end) onto the tractor input shaft. Ensure that the yoke is securely locked in place.
  5. Due to differences in the tractor’s three-point arm and implement, it may be necessary to shorten the PTO
    Transmission system.
  6. Before operation, check whether the PTO driveline yoke is securely connected to the tractor and implement. Improper connection of the power take-off driveline can cause serious personal injury or death!
  7. If the PTO driveline shield is equipped with a chain, secure the chain to the tractor and/or implement to prevent the shield from rotating.
  8. Before starting the tractor and engaging the PTO transmission, make sure that no people or animals are between the tractor and the implement. Rotating the PTO driveline can cause serious personal injury or death!


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