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Speed Variators

The mechanical variators N Series size 003, 005, 010, 020, 030, and 050 power range 0.18 kW to 4kW are manufactured in aluminium. The alluminium housing benefits weight reduction for more convenient applications and transportation. The simple design allows both foot or flange mounting to standard unit, reducing stocking levels and allowing quick delivery. The closed input flange is an integral part of the variator casing for easy installation and prevents possibility of oil leaks.
  • Variable Gearbox

    Variable Gearbox

    1) High speed regulating precision,up to 0.5-1 rotation 2) Large speed changing range:the speed ratio ranges from 1:4 to 1:7 freely 3) High in strength and long in service life 4) Convenient to regulate the speed

  • Variable Speed Gearbox

    Variable Speed Gearbox

    The unit is designed to provide low output speed at corresponding high output torque. The drive unit is manufactured from standard components and comprises of AC squirrel cage motor, variable speed drive and gearbox with case hardened profile ground helical gears. It can be...

  • Variator Gearbox

    Variator Gearbox

    High quality aluminum alloy Motovario like gear box,light weight and non-rusting Large output torque,stable transmission with lower noise. High hear-radiating efficiency,elegant shape,durable service life and small size. Suitable for omni-bearing installation

  • Variable Speed Transmission

    Variable Speed Transmission

    Good adaptation:UDL series speed variators can be combined with all kinds of speed reducers to achive low stepless speed regulating.

  • Variable Speed Motor

    Variable Speed Motor

    For applications where variable speeds are necessary, typically an AC motor with an Inverter or brush motors are used. Brushless DC motors are an advanced option due to their wide speed range, low heat and maintenance-free operation. Stepper Motors offer high torque and...

  • Variator Motor

    Variator Motor

    Good in adaptation: UDL series stepless speed variators can be combined with all kinds of speed reducers, as to achieve low stepless speed changing.

  • Variable Speed Drive Motor

    Variable Speed Drive Motor

    This VFD uses unique control method to realize high moment of force, high precision and wide speed regulating range driving, with high performance It has good anti-trip performance and ability to adapt to rough power, temperature, humidity and dust interference, greatly...

  • Variable Drive Motor

    Variable Drive Motor

    variable speed drives with helical gearboxes, helical-bevel gearboxes and helical-worm gearboxes Compact units with helical gearboxes, helical-bevel gearboxes and helical-worm gearboxes

  • Variable Speed Gear Motor

    Variable Speed Gear Motor

    Variable Speed Geared Motor offered by us provides high efficiency working support and is made using latest technology to provide reliable work performance. Further, these geared motors also provide support for smooth operations as well as low noise performance. Offered...

  • Variable Speed Electric Motor

    Variable Speed Electric Motor

    suitable for lighting, fans, power tools, massagers, pumps, etc., this governor is easy to operate, easy to carry, the use of electronic control equipment, the use of equipment speed, flow size and adjust the brightness. The service life and adjustment range of the product...

  • Variable Speed Drive

    Variable Speed Drive

    -The control panel is simple and easy to understand. -Quick heat dissipation and longer service life. -Through the built-in PLC or control terminals to achieve multi-speed operation, operation panel, control terminals can be switched through a variety of ways. -LED...

  • Udl Speed Variator

    Udl Speed Variator

    1. Adjustable speed span can be accurate to 0.5~1 r/min 2. Can be combined with other types of gearboxes (Such as R Series, K Series, F Series, S Series, RV Series, WB Series cycloid reducers) 3. Compact structure 4. Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation

As one of the most professional speed variators manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale bulk speed variators made in China here from our factory.