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Split Roller Chain Sprockets

Split Roller Chain Sprockets

Split Roller Chain Sprockets

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Split Roller Chain Sprockets

Split sprockets come into their own when the engineering time taken to remove sprockets involves the dismantling of large parts of the drive or when multiple sprockets are fitted on the same shaft. When it comes to conveyor chain sprockets which are often large and heavy this may require the use of a crane to get the sprocket into place. All these issues can lead to increased downtime. 

Many manufacturers produce this type of product by splitting an existing sprocket and then joining the two sections together again. For the engineer this often results in a poorly assembled component leading to uneven loading in operation and increased wear to the sprocket teeth, bore and keyways. As a result many maintenance managers are reluctant to fit them. 

Split sprockets are quickly becoming more and more popular due to their ease in installation and removal. The majority of our split roller chain sprockets are manufactured in the USA out of our main office and machine facility in central Florida. Some of the benefits that USA Roller Chain and Sprockets offers is our snap-reaction machining lead-time, quality workmanship. Plus, all of our roller chain sprockets feature hardened teeth under 30 tooth count, black oxide coating, and high-quality steel metallurgy for extended performance and durability. Additionally, our split sprockets are machined to have smooth hub edges and no projecting bolts or ears that can be dangerous in operation. We also make split 81X sprockets, welded steel chain sprockets, wastewater sprockets, and many more Engineer Class Sprocket types.

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