Hydraulic Cylinder for Agriculture Trailer

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Product Introduction

The product mentioned is a hydraulic cylinder designed specifically for agricultural trailers. At Xinlan Group, we manufacture this high-quality, durable, and efficient hydraulic cylinder.

Product Details

  • Welding Technology: We employ advanced welding technology that ensures the product's durability and efficiency.
  • Oil Port: Customers can choose between SAE, NPT, and G threading, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Paint Surface: Our hydraulic cylinders have a scratch-resistant paint surface, ensuring they maintain their aesthetic appeal over time.
  • Chrome Anti-Rust Treatment: We treat our cylinders with chrome, which prevents rusting and enhances their lifespan.

Steering Hydraulic Cylinder Applications

Our steering hydraulic cylinders are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications including:

  1. Agricultural machinery
  2. Construction equipment
  3. Manufacturing machinery
  4. Automotive industry
  5. 海洋应用

Importance of Quality Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Reliability: Quality hydraulic cylinders provide reliable performance, ensuring your machinery operates smoothly.
  • Lifespan and Durability: High-quality materials and construction mean these cylinders can withstand harsh conditions and last longer.
  • Efficiency: Quality cylinders can handle higher pressures and operate more efficiently, saving you time and money.
  • Safety and Controllability: Quality cylinders are safer and offer better control, reducing the risk of accidents.

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Load Capacity: Consider the maximum weight the cylinder will need to support.
  • Stroke Length: This is the distance the cylinder can extend.
  • Working Pressure: The maximum pressure the cylinder can handle.
  • Working Speed: The speed at which the cylinder can extend and retract.
  • Installation Size: The dimensions of the cylinder should fit within the allocated space in your machinery.
  • Environmental Conditions: Consider the conditions where the cylinder will be used.
  • Control Method: How the cylinder will be controlled (manually, electronically, etc.).

About Xinlan Group

Xinlan Group, a leader in the hydraulic cylinder market in China, specializes in hydraulic tilt cylinders, hydraulic steering cylinders, and hydraulic lifting cylinders. We have a design capacity of 200,000 sets and possess 300 sets of various automatic CNC production equipment and hydraulic cylinder automatic assembly equipment. Choose Xinlan Group ?C where quality meets efficiency.

Our Promotions

At Xinlan, we offer quality products at competitive prices. Coupled with our excellent customer service, we ensure a smooth and satisfying shopping experience for our customers. We also supply other products such as Forklift hydraulic cylinders, aerial work platform hydraulic cylinders, SANY heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders, sanitation vehicle lifting hydraulic cylinders, and telescopic loading and unloading arm oil cylinders. We welcome customers to customize their orders with drawings or samples.

Author: Miya