P75F59-G4 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

P75F59-G4 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain


Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain is a type of conveyor chain that is widely used in various industries for vertical transportation of bulk materials. The chain consists of a series of buckets that are attached to a drive chain and move vertically or nearly vertically in a closed casing or housing.

Working Principle

Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain works in four stages:

  • Loading stage: The buckets on the chain are filled with materials at the bottom of the conveyor.
  • Vertical lifting stage: The chain starts to move, lifting the buckets vertically.
  • Discharging stage: The buckets are discharged at the top of the conveyor.
  • Continuous cycle: The empty buckets return to the bottom of the conveyor and the cycle starts again.


Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain is commonly used in the following industries:

  • Agriculture: In grain processing, such as wheat, corn, rice, etc.
  • Grain storage: In large grain warehouses, to raise bulk grain to storage tanks or warehouses.
  • Chemical industry: For vertical transportation of powder and granular chemicals.
  • Construction industry: In cement plants and sand and gravel yards for continuous and efficient material lifting and transportation.
  • Food industry: In flour mills, feed mills, and other places for lifting and transporting various powdered and granular food raw materials or finished products.

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Author: Miya