Walterscheid W 2600 PTO Shaft Replacement Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

Our PTO shaft  can be interchanged with similar products from Germany’s Walterscheid company, which means we can provide you with high-quality products comparable to Germany’s Walterscheid company.
Our PTO shaft products use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure excellent performance and durability. Our products have exquisite design and appearance, while also possessing the characteristics of efficiency, precision, and stability. Our products have undergone rigorous testing and verification to ensure that they meet the highest quality and performance standards.

W 2600 PTO Shaft Sizes

Walterscheid W 2600 PTO Shaft Replacement Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

Order No. Length (mm) Guard Tube A B
Yoke Bore dim Yoke Bore dim
1113116 860 SD35 S5H/S6

1 3/8” x 6 Spline AGWalterscheid W 2400 PTO Shaft Replacement Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline 1 3/8” x 6 Spline
1113117 1010 SD35 1 3/8” x 6 Spline 1 3/8” x 6 Spline
1113118 1210 SD35 1 3/8” x 6 Spline 1 3/8” x 6 Spline

W 2600 Series PTO Parts

Tractor Yoke
Safety Slide Lock Tractor Yoke
Repair Kit — *19-15094
Quick Disconnect
Tractor Yoke
Repair Kit — *13007138
Dim. “A” Dim. “B”  Dim. “A” Bore Dim. “B” 
1 3/8” x 6 Spl 5.91” 1 3/8” x 6 Spl. 5.15”
1 3/4” x 20 Spl. 5.91” 1 3/4” x 20 Spl. 5.15”
1 3/8” x 21 Spl. 5.91” 1 3/8” x 21 Spl. 5.15”
Cross & Bearing Kit
(R-Kit) (Recommended 8 hour grease interval)Cross & Bearing Kit Extended Lubrication(E-Kit)(Recommended 50 hour grease interval)
Cross & Bearing Kit
Dim. “A” Dim. “B” Dim. “A” Dim. “B”
1.65” 4.09” 1.65” 4.09”
Inner Profile YokeInner Profile Yoke Outer Profile YokeOuter Profile Yoke
Dim. “A” Dim. “B” Dim. “A” Dim. “B”
2.40” 5.12” 1.63” 2.95”
Inner TubeInner Tube Outer TubeOuter Tube
Length m Length in Length m Length in
1.5 59.06” 1.5 59.06”
1.0 39.37” 1.0 39.37”
Implement Yoke Dim. “A” Bore Dim. “B” Standard Keyway
Round BoreImplement YokeWith Keyway & Set Screw 1.50” 5.12” 0.37"
1.63” 5.12” 0.37"
1.75” 5.12” 0.37"
2.00” 5.12” 0.50"
Easy Lock Replacement KitEasy Lock Replacement Kit Guard Chain Kit

Guard Chain Kit

Order Bearings As Required
Fits Overall Driveline Length Bearing Kit (2-per kit)
48” 961-4535
60” 961-4535

What does 2600 represent for the Walterscheid W2600 series PTO shaft

The 2600 of the Walterscheid W2600 series PTO shaft represents a designed load capacity of 2600N. N represents Newton, a unit of weight equal to the square of the kilogram (kg). Therefore, 2600N means that the axis can withstand a torque equivalent to the square root generated by an object of 2600 kilograms on the axis. This is a considerable load capacity, indicating that the Walterscheid W2600 series PTO shaft can withstand various heavy loads and high-strength applications.

About Tractor PTO

Walterscheid W 2600 PTO Shaft Replacement Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

Tractors are not only used to tow various crop cultivation and sowing tools, but also to provide power for stationery and mobile equipment for crop threshing, pumping water from tube wells, spraying, rotating cylinders, and other operations. The power socket is usually located at the rear of the tractor. The power socket is called the power output (PTO). PTO was first introduced by the International Harvester Company in 1918. In India, the PTO is usually located on the rear side, but in developed countries, a front PTO is also an option to provide power for front attachments.
The power of the power output shaft comes from the gearbox. The secondary shaft of the gearbox usually extends to the rear and serves as the PTO outlet.
Standardization of PTO speed is important so that equipment can be designed around a given speed. For example, the thresher should operate at a specific circumferential speed of the threshing drum. The arrangement of the pulley takes into account the standard PTO speed.

We not only provide pto shafts, but also provide related pto accessories, as well as gearboxes for use with pto shafts. We can provide you with solutions for all the agricultural machinery accessories you need to protect your agricultural machinery

Agricultural Gearboxes

Accessories of PTO Shaft

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Only used a couple of times but it does what I purchased it for.


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I contacted Mr. Shen from here, who is a very responsible person and recommended this quick hitch for me.

It works well on my compact Kubota tractor, with a 5-foot long Land Pride bush pig (with one or two cat bushes added). The unit arrived in good condition and the box was almost undamaged. No bent tabs or other issues.